Feed Analysis

The CPDO (ER) has a feed analytical laboratory wing formerly known as Regional Feed Analytical Laboratory with an objective to analyze all types of animal feed and its ingredients received from public and private sectors in the eastern region of the country. This laboratory is well equipped with all modern equipments/instruments for rapid analysis.

At present all types of compound feed of poultry/cattle/rabbit/deer/fish and its ingredients are being analyzed in this laboratory with a very nominal charge fixed by ministry

Feed analytical charges at CPDOs (ER), Bhubaneswar:--

Sl.No. Parameters Amount (Rs.)
1       Proximate Principles 400
Moisture 50
Crude Protein 100
Ether extract 100
Crude Fiber 150
Total Ash 50
Acid Insoluble Ash 100
2         Minerals
 Calcium 150
Total Phosphorus 150
Available Phosphorus 150
 Salt 150
 Manganese 150
 Iron 150
 Copper 100
 Cobalt 450
 Potassium 300
3     Toxins
Aflatoxins 400
Tannins 175
Urea 150
Hydrocyanic acid 150
 Fluorine 300
4 Metabolizable Energy 500
5   Miscellaneous
NPN 300
True Protein 200

Feed sample of about 200 grams along with full amount of feed analysis charge (as per rate chart listed above) in the shape of Cash/M.O./DD in favor of Director, CPDO(ER) Bhubaneswar-12 may be send to this organization for analysis. Analysis report may be obtained through post/hand delivery/fax/email. So, it is requested to provide detail current address along with phone, fax and email for quick delivery service.