Our Services

The role and services of CPDO (ER) is enormous in the field of rural backyard poultry and industrial poultry development in agricultural country like India. As per 18th livestock census, the population of rural poultry and industrial poultry are equal.

  • Out of 28 states and 7 UTs, CPDO(ER), Bhubaneswar supplying parent as well as commercial day old chicks and hatching eggs of low-in-put technology birds of 11 poultry breeds and 6 verities of Japanese quails to all 8 North Eastern States (backward states), 4 eastern states ( West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Odisha & Jharkhand) and, UT (A&N), other states like Bihar, MP, UP, Maharashtra etc. for rural poultry development which is a number one livelihood program in the country. Overall CPDO(ER) is catering more than half of the country under this program. This Organization produces a valuable Layer Breed named as “KALINGA BROWN” which is very popular across the nation
  • CPDO(ER) is imparting poultry training in the above states and UTs under which it enhances nutrition and reduces the vulnerability of poor, landless laborers, women, unemployed youth, marginal and small scale farmers. Under this program Intensive Tribal Development(Govt. of Odisha) has been specially benefitted by this training programme and right now producing more than one lakh broiler per week by their tribal beneficiaries and the production is self sufficient to meet the demands of tribal school and Ashram’s of six Districts.
  • So far as food safety and traceability is concerned, CPDO(ER) analyzing feed and feed ingredients of poultry, fish, lab animals, wild animals and other livestock received from all over the country.
  • CPDO(ER) is playing vital role under the Government of India Centrally Sponsored Poultry Schemes like Assistance to State Poultry Farms, Rural Backyard Poultry Development and Poultry Estates.
  • This institutes supply quality eggs to Odisha Biological Products Institutes (OBPI) for production of poultry and other livestock vaccines.
  • CPDO(ER) is also supply quality eggs to Frozen Semen Banks of the states for dilution and preservation animal semen.
  • Eggs, DOC and grown up birds are used as source of food for zoo animals at Nandankanan.
  • The embryonated eggs and DOC of this institute are being used for research by the zoology students of science colleges of the state.
  • Provide poultry intensive training to veterinary graduates of the state.
  • Provide facilities to post graduate and doctor of philosophy students of life science, zoology, & veterinary science for their research program
  • This institute is closely associated with village poultry farmers through Kishan Call Centre (KCC) to solve day-to-day problems and provide all types of technical services.